Emergency Services for Commercial Buildings & Restaurants

Looking for Emergency Commercial Plumbers in Flagstaff, AZ?

Plumbing emergencies tend to take place at inconvenient times in most cases. When emergencies happen, you should request help from the most trusted commercial plumbing service. Diamondback Plumbing is a full-service mechanical and plumbing contractor that provides high quality services to businesses and homeowners in Flagstaff. Our commercial emergency plumbing services cover the following:

We have built a solid reputation providing all of our customers with the best possible plumbing service at competitive prices. This reputation has been built on customers having a great experience with Diamondback Plumbing and they keep coming back for any plumbing needs and concerns they have.


Backflow Prevention Devices

Our technicians are always here to help you in keeping your water supply clean and free from life-threatening contaminants. We install backflow prevention devices like the one-way valve that will prevent any impurities from entering your water supply. Backflow prevention devices are available in non-testable and testable forms, depending on the danger associated with possible contamination.

Testable devices need yearly testing to guarantee efficient operation. Backflow is typically triggered by a cross connection. It can be any point on your water system in which the contaminants can instantly blend with clean water.

A cross connection may involve a faulty piping system that allows the contaminants to enter your water supply. If you see signs of contamination in your water supply today, please give us a call right away. Let our team of experts help you.


Repair and Replace Sump Pumps

An efficient sump pump can make a big difference between a soggy basement and good spring thaw. The sump pump in your office may be a bit underappreciated, but it must be checked from time to time. We suggest having it examined yearly, preferably in early spring. This way, sump pump repair, if necessary, will be made before the whole pump thaws.

A proactive inspection of your sump pump is highly advisable. If sump pump repair is not enough, we suggest a replacement. It should be done before the problem worsens. At Diamondback Plumbing, customer service will always be our main priority. Our team of plumbers have years of experience and are experts in sump pump installation and repair services from beginning to end. Rest assured that you will receive exceptional service and competitive pricing from us.


Clear Replace and/or Repair Sewer Lines

From warped sewer lines to clogged toilets, Diamondback Plumbing provides comprehensive sewer repair and replacement services in Flagstaff. Our group of licensed, insured, and experienced plumbers have the necessary skills to quickly diagnose drainage issues and clear blocked toilets. We can complete even the most challenging sewer line replacement tasks.

We make use of cutting-edge plumbing imaging technology that helps us detect the root cause of your congested sewer line. The initial step in repairing plumbing issues is to find out what prevents your pipes from draining properly. We use non-destructive sewer cameras when we check your sewer line. Hence, we can easily see the actual cause of your problem and fix it while leaving your floor, walls, or lawn untouched.


Clogged Drains

Because we’ve been around the industry for a long time, we are already familiar with different types of clogged drains. Nothing can be more frustrating than a slow or clogged drain in your commercial kitchen or bathroom. It is why we provide 24/7 fast drain cleaning service. Please don’t hesitate to call us now if you have a problem with any of your commercial building plumbing.

In case of clogged drains, people often try fixing the issue by using drain cleaning solutions. However, chemical cleaners contain substances that can erode your pipes, and they could be hazardous when mixed. Instead of DIY clogged drain repair, why not hand over the job to us?


Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes or drain lines are a serious issue that should be managed and resolved before they burst. When left unfixed, they may become a more expensive and complex issue. Dealing with frozen pipes is not an easy task, so DIY repair may not be an effective solution.

Let our team here at Diamondback Plumbing thaw those pipes effectively and safely for your convenience. We’ve been helping business owners in Flagstaff with all their drain and sewer needs since our inception. Our services include thawing the pipes, septic lines, and frozen drains. We back our workmanship and our team will finish most projects the same day.


Emergency Drain Cleaning

We may send our technicians to clean your dirty drains right away or at the most convenient time for you. Our team is the one you can trust for emergency drain cleaning. Our services include:

  • Overflowing toilets
  • Sewer line backups
  • Clogged kitchen sinks
  • Bathtub back up
  • Many more


We strive to give you excellent customer service and ensure your satisfaction. Our technicians are insured, licensed, and skilled, so rest assured that you’re in good hands with us. Call us now to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact service request form. Also, feel free to ask for a free quote today.

All the work completed by Diamondback Plumbing is per UPC CODE and IFC CODE for commercial plumbing.

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