Clogged Toilet Repair and Installation from Diamondback

plumbing repair in PhoenixFaced with a clogged toilet or toilet leaks? Turn to Diamondback plumbing for your needs. As professional commercial plumbers, we specialize in all aspects of toilet plumbing – including repair, installation and replacements.

You can also call us for other needs such as emergencies, faucet repair, shower repair, toilet running water and bathroom plumbing issues.


Toilet Leak Repairs

If you notice water spots on your concrete, look closer. Check the source of the water and see if there are any wet spots around it. Does it leak only after flushing? Avoid flushing for a bit and see if the wet spots go dry. Usually, this is a sign of a possible drain leak.

Did you just move into a new commercial location or have you been in the location and the toilets are just old? If your business building is old, ask if the toilet was manufactured before the 1990s. Water leaking and running water are common issues among those types of toilets.

Older toilets before the 1990s use large amounts of water with each flush – 3.5 gallons on the average. Newer models use only 1.6 gallons. Replacement might be a good idea for water savings and fewer headaches in the future.


Commercial Clogged Toilets

We know the hassle brought about by clogged toilets, especially when it comes to a commercial location or a business that services customers. We contend with water that’s rising up and spilling over the bowl and then to the floor. This can be an unsightly problem—not to mention its revolting odor!

What do you need to check? Check if there’s obstruction within the drain line. But the thing is, you might be faced with a bigger problem and that might be the sewer. Is the sewer full and needing waste matter removal?

In any case, you’ll need an expert for the job to immediately diagnose the problem. Our specialists can quickly detect the specific issue your toilet or sewer system is having.

In case you are in a hurry to unclog the toilet for your commercial location or restaurant, we can help you. We have emergency 24 hour services and with a dedicated Flagstaff team of plumbing professionals we can get to you pretty fast.


Commercial Toilet Installation

Whether you’re looking into bathroom remodeling or just replacing old fixtures, installing the toilet doesn’t need to be frustrating and can be affordable. Call Diamondback and speak to one of our experienced technicians about toilet installation and water savings with a new toilet system.

If you’re just looking into replacing an old drain, we can also help. Our technicians will discuss with you whether it is necessary to replace the whole drain or just replace some parts of it.

We can also help you decide the best model of toilet that fits in the setup of your bathroom. Be careful when handling the new toilet as these fixtures are usually heavy and when dropped, can damage the bathroom’s tiles or even hurt you.


Commercial Toilet Replacements

Our company can also assist if you’re thinking of replacing your old toilet and drains. When should you consider replacement?

  • Recurring repairs
  • Frequent clogging
  • Cracks in the porcelain
  • Buying a new model that can save water


Diamondback serves the community of Flagstaff and surrounding areas. Call us to schedule a free estimate.

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