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Diamondback Plumbing provides home owners in Flagstaff and the neighboring communities with quality plumbing services. Our highly skilled plumbers are experienced in different kinds of plumbing services. We have all the necessary training required to handle any kind of plumbing problem you may have at your house. From kitchen plumbing and bathroom plumbing to plumbing leaks and sump pump repair, we have you covered. Trust us to apply superior workmanship in every job. Not only does this include achieving excellent results, but also responding to your queries in a fast and professional way.

For over 20 years, Diamondback Plumbing has been the local leading plumbing service company that has established themselves as the most trusted plumber. We are well known for providing our residential and commercial customers great service and reasonable pricing.

We know that plumbing concerns may arise any time of the day, which is why you can rely on our team to provide 24-hour emergency services for your convenience. We are committed to the Flagstaff community providing reliable services at fair pricing you can afford. For your complete satisfaction, special offers such as free estimates and discounts for military, fire, police and seniors are all available.

Through our years of service, we have been reputable in providing the best customer service. This has earned us a spot in being one of the finalists in the business ethics awards of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We take pride in this achievement and the trust given to us by our customers. Rest assured that our plumbers and the rest of our staff will continue to provide you with top-notch service you deserve. Get rid of your home’s plumbing issues today. Schedule a service appointment by calling Diamondback Plumbing at (928) 774-0594 now!


Kitchen Plumbing

One of the main areas of a home is the kitchen, and most of the time, it is the where plumbing issues start. There are a lot of plumbing fixtures in the kitchen that is important to its overall function, such as: faucets, sinks, garbage disposal and dishwasher. If there is a leak in your faucet or the pipe under your sink is busted, we know how it can affect your daily routine. That is why Diamondback Plumbing is here to make sure that your kitchen plumbing fixtures are all in perfect condition. Our plumbers are experienced in handling different kinds of kitchen plumbing services. From clogged sinks to broken garbage disposals, count on us to deliver kitchen plumbing services quickly and efficiently.


Bathroom Plumbing

Entrust your bathroom plumbing needs to Diamondback Plumbing. We understand that your bathroom is an essential part of daily living, and having a clogged sink or leaky faucet can be frustrating. Allow our plumbers to solve any bathroom plumbing problems at your house. Whether you need help in installing a shower, detecting any broken bathtub part or repairing a bathroom sink that has drain issues, we will take care of it. Our plumbers will give your bathroom the amount of attention needed to its diverse set of piping and plumbing fixtures. Rest assured that we will do everything to handle the plumbing complications of your toilet and bath in a professional and timely manner.


Sump Pump Repair/Replacement

Sump pump is a type of pump installed in the lowest part of a crawlspace of a home’s basement. Its main goal is to eliminate water that has been gathered in a water-collecting sump basin. To sum it all, sump pumps serve as the first line of defense in preventing basement flooding and water damage. They work to keep water away from the foundation of your house. If there is moisture in your basement or worse, flood has found its way inside, then it’s time to have your sump pumps checked. Diamondback Plumbing has a team of expert plumbers who can provide sump pump repair or sump pump replacement services. There are some signs to watch out to learn if your sump pumps need some fixing. Whether your basement emits a musty smell, the float switch of the sump pump is stuck, it’s producing strange noises or it has not functioned since it last rained, there is a big possibility that your sump pump is not working properly. Trust our seasoned plumbers to find out the root cause of your sump pump problems and use the best form of procedure to repair it. In addition, we understand that any equipment wears out over time. That is why our team is also ready to replace your sump pumps with a new one. Count on us to help you make informed decisions about what will work best for your sump pumps.

Plumbing Leaks

Both home and business owners encounter water leak problems. Being a typical issue doesn’t mean that this problem is not something to worry about. It is important to act fast if you detect a leak in your home. Water leaks, if neglected, can enter floorings, walls, ceiling components and eventually may cause water damage. This problem may lead to mildew and mold growth. In addition, monthly water bills will definitely build up. Aside from damaging your house’s structure and other properties, water leaks offer health hazards to your family. Do not let a simple water leak lead to a bigger problem. Allow the professionals at Diamondback Plumbing to take care of your home’s plumbing leaks.


Clogged Toilets

Toilets are one of the most used fixtures in a house, and having a clogged toilet is a nightmare to a home owner. Some causes of clogged toilets are hair, toilet paper, scale buildup and other miscellaneous items. No matter what the cause of clogs in your toilet, the plumbers at Diamondback Plumbing has the ability to fix it. We will make sure to carefully assess your toilet’s situation and work out the best possible solution. Rely on our technicians to further explain what’s going on with your toilet and potential causes of the problem. Then, we will inform you of possible repair methods we can do. Trust us to do everything to remove the blockage in your toilet in no time.

Diamondback Plumbing’s dedicated local team of Northern Arizona plumbers is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with any potential plumbing repairs you may need. Some of our services include, but are not limited to the following:


We are a full service plumber providing you the experience, dedication and team you can trust and rely on for all your residential plumbing needs. All our work is always completed per UPC/IRC code.

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