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For any bathroom plumbing needs here in Flagstaff, Diamondback Plumbing can help. We guarantee quick and expert services for bathroom needs – including, repair, installation, and replacement services. Call us for both small projects and major plumbing renovation projects. We service commercial buildings and residential homes in Flagstaff, AZ.

For over 20 years, Diamondback Plumbing has been the local leading plumbing service company that has established themselves as the most trusted plumber in Arizona. We are well known for providing our residential and commercial customers great service and reasonable pricing.


Faucet Repair

Faucet repairs are generally small plumbing issues. This may seem like an easy job to do, but if you’re unsure of your skills then have experts like Diamondback handle it for you. Providing us with the brand and model of the faucet may help us easily identify the issue and bring the new parts needed for a quicker installation or repair.


New Faucets

You can opt to replace a dysfunctional faucet. However, when picking a new one, there are factors to consider, such as the ability to conserve water and convenience. You should also consider how much you are wanting or willing to spend on a new faucet. Some faucets like Grohe can run a little higher than other faucets due to brand and quality of the products.

Here at Diamondback, we are here to assist you with even the smallest bathroom plumbing issue a customer may be experiencing. Remember, even the small things can lead to big damages if left uninspected or installed incorrectly.

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Toilet Repair

Our dedicated Flagstaff team can handle many different toilet issues and repairs. If your toilet is leaking or if you found cracks on it and want to install a new one, we can help you.

The following issues may not be major ones, but repair is still needed and could turn into a major problem if not repaired or addressed.

  • It flushes a little – de-clogging it, is the first step.
  • It doesn’t refill – this is a sign of possible valve malfunction.
  • Water around the base – this requires only base seal repair.
  • Water runs continuously – we’ll check the flapper; it is probably worn-out.
  • Presence of rust or corrosion – just replace the parts that have it.

In any case, call our plumbing specialists for an immediate inspection. Some toilet issues need to be attended to immediately, as they can present risks to health and safety.


Toilet Installation

Installing a new toilet often requires the help of experts. This is especially so if you need the job to get done quickly and efficiently, with very little guesswork. Many commercial businesses hire us for a bathroom remodel on all faucets, toilets and pipes to upgrade and decrease water usage.

Are you looking for a new toilet? Well, you need to consider the price as well as childproof locks on the seat and how water-efficient it is.

Replacement may be considered for any of the following issues:

  • The toilet is using too much water and it’s costing you a lot of money. Not to mention, it is really bad for the environment and water conservation.
  • The toilet has been repaired so many times before and it still frequently clogs.


Clogged Toilet

plumbing repair in PhoenixIf this is the first time your toilet has clogged, it would be wise to have it inspected by one of our certified plumbers. Our team will first check the drain, the pipes and then the sewer. Chances are, the sewer might be already full of waste material or full of water which caused the flooding. Checking the pipe will also help us determine if toilet paper or other objects have formed a blockage. We can provide bathroom pipe drain cleaning to clear out those bathroom clogs.


Additional Plumbing Services We Provide:

Drain cleaningGas linesLeak detection / Pipe leak repairSewer line cleaning / Video camera detectionWater heaters / Water softnersBathroom plumbingKitchen plumbing / Pressure ValvesSeptic services


Shower Plumbing

The Diamondback Plumbing Flagstaff experts can help you install a new shower or a new tub. We will use quality products and proper code for shower installation to ensure your shower has less problems and last longer.

For any bathroom plumbing repair, service, installation and remodel job in Flagstaff, call Diamondback Plumbing first and get an estimate from us first. We will provide you an honest and fair quote based on job and the amount of hours it’s going to take us to complete the job.

All the work completed by Diamondback Plumbing is per UPC/IRC Code.

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